Week Ending 26 March 2019 

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Week Ending 26 March 2019 

20/03/2019 9 HOLE : NETT

1st Jinny Small11 putts
2nd Barbie Wallace13 putts
PGG Wrightson Longest Drive Jane Watts


1st Carl Backhouse41
2nd Brad Chittick39
3rd Peter Cottier37
4th Peter Forrester37

23/03/2019 SATURDAY CLUBDAY :  Nett + Putts

1st Blyth King
2nd Bill Sangster89
3rd Vince Duckett89

24/03/2019 INTERCLUB

Marquis Shield | vs Carterton at Pahiatua | 3 - 1 Win
Singles wins: Jeff Ogg, Geoff Masters, Jamie Brunton, Mike Dixon, Hira Renata, Innes Kennard and Simon Richardson

Report on Rd 2 Marquis Shield:

Last Sunday our Marquis Shield team continued to make good progress towards a successful season with a win over Carterton at the unfamiliar Pahiatua Course. Handicap Single wins were recorded by Jeff Ogg, Geoff Masters, Jamie Brunton, Mike Dixon, Hira Renata, Innes Kennard and Simon Richardson.

We currently top the Marquis Shield Points Table 3 points clear of a group in 2nd place. And in the “off-the-stick” competitions, we are leading in the Intermediate and Juniors and are only 1 match off the lead in the Seniors.

Three rounds remain with the next round being played at Martinborough GC on 5th of May when we are up against Pahiatua who were surprising winners over Mahunga last weekend.
Tilson Salver | vs Castlepoint at Carterton | 0.5 - 5.5 Loss

25/03/2019 VETS : Ambrose

1st Blyth King, Shirley King, Alan Sadler, Michael Inwood30.75
2nd John Whitehead, Mick Gates, Bill Reid, Brian Pollock31.37
3rd Dave Brinkley, Jack Richmond, George Gray, Venetta Justice31.62

25/03/2019 INTERCLUB

Ladies 9 Hole | vs Paraparaumu at Manor Park | 2.5 - 1.5 Loss
Singles wins: Barbie Wallace - Masterton (3/2)

26/03/2019 Women : Stableford

1st Rosie Laffey44
2nd Trish Newcombe43
3rd Jo Philps39
Closest to Pin Dale McLeod
On green for 4 (Bronze) Liz Armstrong
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