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Week Ending 9 April 2019 

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Week Ending 9 April 2019 

3/04/2019 9 HOLE : Southey Honda Wairarapa 9 Hole Golf Tournament

1st Di Herbert (Masterton)32 nett
2nd Debbie Coom (Martinborough) 33 nett
3rd Sally Lowes (Masterton)35 nett
Nearest the Pin Tingay Davidson (Martinborough)
Longest Drive Elizabeth Goodall (Martinborough)


1st Jeff Ogg40
2nd David Cook40
3rd Murray Johnston39

5/04/2019 INTERCLUB

Riverside Cup | vs Carterton at Eketahuna | 5.5 - 0.5 Win
Singles wins: Brenda Blatchford, Jeanette McNae, Jan Williams, Shirley Saunders, Jane Buchanan


2019 Wairarapa Open Champion – Tyler Wood (202 – 11 Under Par)
2019 Hugo Cup Winner (Low Gross Day 1) – Carl Tupangaia (67)
2019 Hopkirk/Rowntree Cup (Ladies Champion) – Erika Cui (233)
2019 Intermediate Champion – Jamie Frew (239)
2019 Intermediate B Champion – Ray Verhaart (252)
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8/04/2019 INTERCLUB

Silver Pennants | vs Royal Wellington Gold at Manor Park | 5.5 - 3.5 Win
Singles wins: Sereana Phillipps, Nooroa Rota, Brenda Blatchford

9/04/2019 Women : Women's National Club Teams - 1st Qualifying Round

1st Jocelyn Pollock68 nett
2nd Linda Cameron69 nett
3rd Rachel Monk71 nett
4th= Brenda Blatchford & Anne Smith72 nett
Nearest the Pin: Hole8 Brenda Blatchford
Nearest the Pin: Hole18 (Bronze) Pam Griffith
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Week Ending 2 April 2019 

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Week Ending 2 April 2019 

27/03/2019 9 HOLE : Stableford

1st = Pat Dawson & Jane Watts22
PGG Wrightson Longest Drive Sally Lowes


1st Peter Forrester42
2nd Richard Searle40
3rd Jareth Fox39


MEN : Nett
1st Bill Sangster62
2nd Richard Searle68
3rd John Francis68
WOMEN : Stableford
1st Nooroa Rota37

30/03/2019 INTERCLUB

Div1 | vs BFHGC at Judgeford | 8.5 - 6.5 Loss
Singles wins: Kerry Mountcastle, Sam Forrester, Owen Lloyd, Jeff Tuoro
Div3 | vs Trentham at Trentham | 10.5 - 4.5 Loss
Singles wins: Geoff Masters, Phil Rutene
Div6 | vs Miramar at Masterton | 11 - 4 Win
Singles wins: Mike Dixon, Paul Adamson, Wayne O'Donnell, Carl Christensen, Jamie Brunton, Ray Verhaart, Denis Hogg, Innes Kennard
Lansdowne Trophy | vs Manor Park at Paraparaumu | 5 - 4 Win
Singles wins: Cheycoda Cocks, Debbie Donaldson, Sandra Petersen, Bettina Neu

1/04/2019 VETS : Stableford

1st Vince Duckett23
2nd Peter Smith22
3rd=Alex Tulloch, Isobelle Weaver, George Gray, Jack Richmond20

2/04/2019 Women : Nett & Putting

1st Jan Williams70
2nd Jeanette McNae71
3rd Jo Philps72
1st Anne Smith67
2nd Lola Ogg69
3rd Pam Griffith70
Silver: 1st Sereana Phillipps (26) | 2nd Jan Williams (27) | 3rd= Brenda Blatchford, Jan McLaren (29)
Bronze: 1st Lola Ogg (28) | 2nd Rosie Laffey (28) | 3rd= Anne Smith, Jane Buchanan, Pam Griffith (30)
Nearest to Pins Nooroa Rota | Dale McLeod (No. 8)
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Week Ending 26 March 2019 

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Week Ending 26 March 2019 

20/03/2019 9 HOLE : NETT

1st Jinny Small11 putts
2nd Barbie Wallace13 putts
PGG Wrightson Longest Drive Jane Watts


1st Carl Backhouse41
2nd Brad Chittick39
3rd Peter Cottier37
4th Peter Forrester37

23/03/2019 SATURDAY CLUBDAY :  Nett + Putts

1st Blyth King
2nd Bill Sangster89
3rd Vince Duckett89

24/03/2019 INTERCLUB

Marquis Shield | vs Carterton at Pahiatua | 3 - 1 Win
Singles wins: Jeff Ogg, Geoff Masters, Jamie Brunton, Mike Dixon, Hira Renata, Innes Kennard and Simon Richardson

Report on Rd 2 Marquis Shield:

Last Sunday our Marquis Shield team continued to make good progress towards a successful season with a win over Carterton at the unfamiliar Pahiatua Course. Handicap Single wins were recorded by Jeff Ogg, Geoff Masters, Jamie Brunton, Mike Dixon, Hira Renata, Innes Kennard and Simon Richardson.

We currently top the Marquis Shield Points Table 3 points clear of a group in 2nd place. And in the “off-the-stick” competitions, we are leading in the Intermediate and Juniors and are only 1 match off the lead in the Seniors.

Three rounds remain with the next round being played at Martinborough GC on 5th of May when we are up against Pahiatua who were surprising winners over Mahunga last weekend.
Tilson Salver | vs Castlepoint at Carterton | 0.5 - 5.5 Loss

25/03/2019 VETS : Ambrose

1st Blyth King, Shirley King, Alan Sadler, Michael Inwood30.75
2nd John Whitehead, Mick Gates, Bill Reid, Brian Pollock31.37
3rd Dave Brinkley, Jack Richmond, George Gray, Venetta Justice31.62

25/03/2019 INTERCLUB

Ladies 9 Hole | vs Paraparaumu at Manor Park | 2.5 - 1.5 Loss
Singles wins: Barbie Wallace - Masterton (3/2)

26/03/2019 Women : Stableford

1st Rosie Laffey44
2nd Trish Newcombe43
3rd Jo Philps39
Closest to Pin Dale McLeod
On green for 4 (Bronze) Liz Armstrong
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Week Ending 19 March 2019 

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Week Ending 19 March 2019 

12/03/2019 Women : Presidents Trophy 36 Hole Eclectic

37 ladies played on a very warm day. 8 ladies went back out after 18 holes after lunch.
1st Nooroa RotaNett 60
2nd Rosie LaffeyNett 66
3rd Linda CameronNett 68
Nearest the Pin : No.8 Denise Stewart
Bronze Nearest the Pin : No.18 Rosie Laffey & Janette McNae

13/03/2019 9 HOLE : NETT

1st Ruth Wiley33
2nd Jinny Small35
3rd Jill Slight35

13/03/2019 TRC Toyota Twilight : Final Night

Men : 1st Bert Stocker | 2nd Carl Christensen
Women : 1st Janna Blundell | 2nd Jinny Small
Nearest Pin : MEN Carl Christensen | WOMEN Cheycoda Cocks
Wairarapa Funeral Services Longest Drive : MEN Allan Williams | WOMEN Nicky Orsborne
Chip Out : MEN Vince Duckett | WOMEN Janette McNae

Season Long Winners

Individual Champion MEN: 1st Bert Stocker (173) | 2nd Carl Christensen (164)
Individual Champion Women : 1st Jinny Small (183) | 2nd Jill Slight (181)
Best Single Round Stableford MEN: 1st Dominic Stewart | 2nd Bruce Bowie
Best Single Round Stableford WOMEN: TIE Jenny Johnston & Anne Smith
Team Competition: 1st Brian Crump, Brian Pollock, Bert Stocker, Jocelyn Pollock (496 points) | 2nd Kevin Burdan, Jill Slight, Lindy Williamson, Jan Thompson (490 points)


1st Graeme Jones43
2nd Mike Dixon43
3rd Simon Richardson42

14/03/2019 INTERCLUB

WOMEN'S 9 HOLE | vs Shandon at Otaki | 2 – 2
Singles wins: Tingay Davidson - Martinborough (3/1), Katrina Burgess - Martinborough (1up)

16/03/2019 SATURDAY CLUBDAY : Stableford

1st Ian Buchanan41
2nd Ash Peterson38
3rd Allan Carroll37

16/03/2019 INTERCLUB

Otaki Cup | vs Judgeford at Shandon | 8 - 7 Win
Singles wins: Owen Lloyd (5/4), Toby Tuoro (4/3), Simon Dew (4/2), Sam Forrester (2/1), Troy Shaw (2/1) and Brent Mackenzie (1up)

With one round left to go the Otaki Cup team is in 2nd place with 45 points 7 points behind leaders Judgeford. The last match of the round robin is at Judgeford against Boulcott's Farm Heritage Golf Club on the 30th of March. With Judgeford having the bye if 7.5 points can be scored then our Masterton team will win the Otaki Cup for the first time ever in the 40 year history of the Otaki Cup. Singles match will commence from 12.15pm if any members would like to come and support the team.
Div 3 | vs Kapiti at Kapiti | 9.5 - 5.5 Loss
Singles wins: Conrad Shanly (5/4), Geoff Masters (2/1) and Jeff Ogg (1up)
Div 6 | vs Manor Park at Manor Park | 15 - 0 Loss

18/03/2019 VETS : Stableford

1st Brian Pollock23
2nd Julie Mills20
3rd Robin Whitehead20
4th James Brunton 20
5th Derek Bamford20
6th Jack Richmond20

18/03/2019 INTERCLUB

SILVER PENNANTS | vs Manor Park at Paraparaumu | 7.5 – 1.5 Win
Singles wins: Brenda Blatchford (4/2), Nooroa Rota (3/1), Carolyn Stevenson (3/1), Sereana Phillipps (2/1)
BRONZE PENNANTS MARY PENROSE | vs Royal Green at Otaki | 5.5 – 3.5 Loss
Singles wins: Larraine Duckett (2/1), Ann Kenny (2/1), Lola Ogg (1up)

19/03/2019 Women : Mixed Stableford

1st Brenda Blatchford43
2nd Jan Williams40
3rd Janice Hayes39
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2019 Juken Easter Bunny Tournament

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2019 Juken Easter Bunny Tournament

Easter Monday
22 April 2019

18 & 9 Hole Stableford Competition
Great Prizes to be won!
Easter Eggs galore
18 Hoels – $20.00 – 11am tee off
9 Holes $10.00 – 12:30pm tee off

Week Ending 12 March 2019 

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Week Ending 12 March 2019 

6/03/2019 9 HOLE : Stableford

Winner Susie Williams20
PGG Longest Drive Barbie Wallace
 All Teed Up Nearest the Pin Di Herbert

6/03/2019 TRC Toyota Twilight

1st Jason Paku22pts
2nd Carl Backhouse | 3rd Hugh Blundell | 4th Carl Christensen | 5th Tim Tatham | 6th Burt Stocker 
1st Jennie Johnston24pts
2nd Jinny Small | 3rd Janna Blundell | 4th Jan Tatham | 5th Rachel Monk | 6th Marilyn Beetham
Nearest Pin Rachel Monk
Wairarapa Funeral Services Longest Drive : MEN Carl Backhouse 
Wairarapa Funeral Services Longest Drive : WOMEN Rachel Monk


1st Graeme Jones44
2nd Carl Backhouse 43
3rd Mike Dixon 42
Congratulations to Mike Dixon for hole-in-one on the 8th!

9/03/2019 SATURDAY CLUBDAY : Stableford

1st Richard Searle 38
2nd Allan Carroll 36
3rd Jamie Frew 35

9/03/2019 INTERCLUB

Otaki Cup | vs Royal Wellington at Paraparaumu | 11.5 - 3.5 Win
Singles wins: Troy Shaw (5/4), Kerry Mountcastle (4/3), Jeff Tuoro (3/2), Toby Tuoro (3/2), Kirk Collins (3/1), Sam Forrester (1up) and Dean Gray (1up)
Div 3 | vs Kapiti at Masterton | 10.5 - 4.5 Win
Singles wins: Rob Blackett (8/6), Simon Dew (5/4), Phil Rutene (5/4), Kevin Mackay (5/4). Pim Borren (4/3), Pete Jackson (2/1) and Geoff Masters (2/1)
Div 6 | vs Te Marua at Masterton | 9 - 6 Win
Singles wins: Ray Verhaart (4/3), Dennis Hogg (4/3), Ewen MacDonald (2/1), Innes Kennard (2up), Mike Dixon (1up) and Carl Christensen (1up)

11/03/2019 VETS : Net

1st Derek Bamford32
2nd Dave Brenkley 32
3rd Phillip Ferguson33
4th Michael Inwood33
5th Vince Duckett33
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Mountcastle’s near miss

By | In the News, Kerry Mountcastle

Mountcastle’s near miss

Kerry Mountcastle putting at the World Amateur Team Championships in Ireland. PHOTO/GETTY IMAGES



Masterton’s Kerry Mountcastle and his New Zealand team-mates went close to claiming the Eisenhower Trophy in a stunning performance in Ireland over the weekend.

The New Zealand team of Mountcastle, Daniel Hillier and Denzel Ieremia were competing at the World Amateur Team Championships, and held a three-shot lead heading into the final round, before fading to finish fourth overall.

The final round was another solid performance from the team but they still ended the week four shots behind Denmark who had an incredible final round of 13-under combined and a tournament total of 39-under.

The New Zealanders’ combined total of five-under par in the final round and 35-under par total wasn’t enough to remain at the top with Hiller’s three-under and Mountcastle’s two-under the best of three that counted in the final round.

USA picked up the silver medal at 38-under with Spain claiming bronze at 36-under.

Hillier, who has enjoyed a superb run of form while travelling the world, ended the week as the top Kiwi and finished in a tie for fourth in the individual standings.

His efforts at the Amateur Championship in Scotland, the US Amateur at Pebble Beach and now the Eisenhower Trophy prove why he is ranked 26th in the world.

Mountcastle said when New Zealand were leading he had struggled with some parts of his own game, but was thrilled to be part of a special performance.

“For me I haven’t scored well, but to have my team-mates playing as they are, it builds a lot of confidence in me to know I can just go out there and keep playing and wait for that round to turn up.

“You don’t have to be on it every time – you’ve got two other people that can help you out.”

Ieremia ended a memorable week with a forgettable final round of three-over, but will take a huge amount of confidence from Ireland after leading the individual standings through 54-holes and guiding his team into contention.

He now travels back to Iowa State University while the rest of the New Zealand squad return home to rest and start turning their attention to the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship in Singapore at the start of October, where the winner receives invitations to the 148th Open Championship and The Masters Tournament.

New Zealand’s one and only Eisenhower Trophy win came in 1992, when the team of Michael Campbell, Grant Moorhead, Phil Tataurangi and Stephen Scahill triumphed.

– with Golf NZ

2:30 PM Friday Feb 22, 2019
from the Wairarapa Times Age

Cheycoda Cocks, above and below in action

Driving in a new direction

By | Cheycoda Cocks, In the News

Driving in a new direction

Golf takes backseat as Cheycoda packs bags for university

Masterton’s top young female golfer, Cheycoda Cocks, is set to put the sport on the backburner for a little while as she heads to university this year, but hopes her achievements thus far will inspire more young people to hit the fairways.

The talented 18-year-old has carved an impressive record since taking up the sport when she was 14.

She has been crowned Mahunga Golf Club women’s champion for the past three years, won the Wairarapa College Falloon Cup from 2016-2018 and was the 2016 Wairarapa Junior Golfing Society’s winner.

Cocks, who has been golfing for around four years, said that there are only around three juniors playing golf in Wairarapa, a number she believes should be higher.

“I play with a lot of older people which is good because you get different life experiences from them and you learn a lot.

“But I really want to encourage more youth to get into it – golf has taught me a lot about etiquette, being courteous and perseverance, and it’s just a fun game overall.”

Golf runs in her family and she said the main reason she picked up the clubs in the first place was because her parents were both avid golfers.

For the past three years, Cocks has trained up to twice weekly at Mahunga Golf Club and at Masterton Golf Club, where she has received coaching under professional Joel Macklin.

Cocks said that golfing had presented her with plenty of opportunities to meet new people and travel the country.

She has played for the Wairarapa women’s team, the Wellington junior development team and the Wellington Under-19 junior girls’ team, which won the national interprovincials in Rotorua in 2017 – a highlight of Cocks’ career so far.

“It was pretty cool. I’d never played out of the region before and I was quite nervous at being at my first team event.”

Cocks sank a 15-foot birdie putt in the final round to send it to a sudden-death play-off, which Wellington won.

Last year, Cocks returned for the side, this time taking up the team captain’s role, and the side reached the final where they lost to North Harbour.

However, Cocks will be putting a slight handbrake on golfing this year as she attends Massey University in Palmerston North to study a degree in sport and exercise.

“My real focus will be university and I’m not sure I’ll golf a lot this year. I’m really keen to just get out there and try new things in my first year.

“I’ll probably still play a couple of tournaments and I’ll try for the Wellington Under-19s in October.”

Cocks said the degree would act as a backup for her ultimate goal of becoming a police officer.

“Everyone has told me it’s a good idea to have another qualification to help you out.”

Cocks was named Secondary Schools Sportswoman of the year for 2017 at the Wairarapa Maori Sports Awards and was also a top-four finalist in the same category at the 2017 and 2018 Wairarapa Secondary School Sports Awards.

The former Wairarapa College pupil said that she wouldn’t be where she was without her golfing.

“It’s a really tight-knit group, all the golfers are really supportive. I’m definitely not going to give up completely.

“It’s always something I can come back to and I probably will once I’ve been at university for a while. I just hope other young people can have the same experiences that I have.”

2:30 PM Friday Feb 22, 2019
from the Wairarapa Times Age

Cheycoda Cocks, above and below in action

Summer Cup

By | Competition Description

Competition Description

Summer Cup

The Men’s Summer Cup is a Handicap Competition where your best THREE NET SCORES across the summer period are added to give you a season total. The lowest season-wide total wins the competition. 

In order to have any of your Saturday rounds considered for inclusion in the SUMMER CUP competition you must enter the Pro Shop Competition on that day but you do not have to tee off at Midday. 


When returning your card at the end of the round please put ‘Summer Cup’ on the card to ensure your round is recorded.  

Moore Stephens Markhams Shootout

By | Competition Description

Competition Description

Moore Stephens Markhams Shootout


This is a single stroke round competition played by 19 qualifiers.   

Qualification is by players entering the Shootout Preliminary Rounds on nominated Club Days during the year. The best 5 Net Rounds scored by each entrant are totaled at the end of the preliminary rounds and the best 19 players advance to the Shoot Out Round. 

All 19 players play the first hole with the player taking the most strokes – after adjusting scores for handicap – dropping out of the competition. This continues until 2 players remain in contention on the 18th hole. The lowest Net score on hole 18 wins the competition. 

In the event that more than one player ties the most strokes on a hole, those players will chip their ball from off the Green and onto the Green of that hole. The player who’s ball rests furthest from the pin after that chip out drops out of the competition.  



  1. The preliminary rounds are Stroke Play Rounds held in conjunction with a normal Club Day competition on either Thursday or Friday.    Players may play on the Blue or White Course; it is their NET score which is recorded 
  1. The Final Shootout Round is played under Stroke Play rules.    However, during the Final Shootout Round, to aid the swiftness of play and taking into account the number of players, trundlers and balls in play in the early stages, Match Play Rules may be applied by the Match Manager in specific circumstances especially in relation to Rule 2 (concession of loss of hole by any player) and Rules 18 & 19 (Ball at Rest Moved and Ball in Motion Deflected or Stopped.) 



Each player establishes their COURSE Handicap on the day of each preliminary round and on the day of the Final Shootout Round